Humanitarian Award

HNF Humanitarian Award – Established in 2007

Every year, the HNF Humanitarian Award recognizes an Independent Herbalife Nutrition Distributor who exemplifies the Foundation’s mission and has made a significant impact in improving the lives of others. A Global Humanitarian will be selected from the regional honorees and receive a USD $10,000 donation to give to a charitable organization of their choice.

In addition to recognizing a Global Humanitarian, Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) also recognizes Humanitarians from each region. Regional Humanitarians receive an award, recognition, and a USD$2,000 donation to a charitable organization of their choice.

Herbalife Humanitarians are nominated around the world and are chosen based on philanthropic activity, community leadership, volunteerism and advocacy.

HNF 2018 Humanitarian Award Winners

2018 recipients have delivered results that have been nothing short of impactful.

Stephan Gratziani (Global Award Recipient, EMEA)

Stephan is a passionate global ambassador for HNF. He actively engages and inspires others to go out into their communities and help make a difference through volunteerism and financial support. As a top donor, his contributions help ensure that children around the world have access to nutrition.

Hoang Trong Hai & Nguyen Hai Ninh (Asia Pacific)

Hoang Trong Hai and Nguyen Hai Ninh have devoted themselves to charity work since 2009. They successfully advocated for the three new Casa Herbalife partners in Vietnam and frequently lead volunteer efforts with their teams. They also support the Vu A Dinh scholarship fund, which is dedicated to supporting high-performing students from ethnic minorities throughout the country.

Baruc Gonzaga & Rosy Godoy (México)

Baruc and Rosy take pride in helping others. They frequently visit and offer assistance to the Casa Herbalife in Cancún – Instituto Tumben Xch’upal. The staff and children know them so well that they feel like part of the family. They lead with their hearts and share with others the importance of giving back.

Luciano Oliveira (North America)

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last year, Luciano and his team helped deliver 1,800 bags full of food and toiletries, and more than 10,000 gallons of water to those in need. Even though he was personally affected by the hurricane, he didn’t let that stop him from lending a helping hand to friends, neighbors and strangers.

Yelitza Lanzilli & Eduardo Guzman (South & Central America)

Yelitza and Eduardo are top donors in their region. They help promote goodwill for HNF, are proactive in their community and help lead fundraising and volunteer efforts for the Fujoma Foundation, an organization that provides meals and nutrition education.

Herbalife Nutrition congratulates all the winners for their inspiring dedication to helping others.