Global Humanitarian 2018

Stephan Gratziani (EMEA)

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) named Stephan Gratziani the 2018 Global Humanitarian Award for his philanthropic efforts supporting his community.

Stephan is a passionate global ambassador for HNF. He actively engages and inspires others to go out into their communities and help make a difference through volunteerism and financial support. As a top donor, his contributions help ensure that children around the world have access to nutrition.

HNF would also like to commend the altruistic efforts of the 2018 Regional Humanitarian winners from around the world.

  • Hoang Trong Hai & Nguyen Hai Ninh (Asia Pacific)
  • Baruc Gonzaga & Rosy Godoy (México)
  • Luciano Oliveira (North America)
  • Yelitza Lanzilli & Eduardo Guzman (South & Central America)