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How Your Donations Help HNF

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Ver mensaje en español Each year, the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) funds millions of dollars in grants to charitable organizations that improve the lives of children and communities all over the world. In 2020, HNF reached over 220,000 children and families, 168 Casa Herbalife Nutrition Partners, in 58 different countries. Some of our partners include … Read More

Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributors Share Their Mark Hughes Inspiration

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Ver mensaje en español Happy Mark Hughes Day! To celebrate the founder and first independent distributor of Herbalife Nutrition, several HNF supporters shared how Mark Hughes has inspired them to give back. “We feel a connection with Mark Hughes’ legacy, with the project he started,” said Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor Eduardo Sperduti Lima. Over 25 … Read More

Casa Spotlight: Sunshine Butterflies – Australia

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Ver mensaje en español Sunshine Butterflies, a Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner in Australia, is dedicated to reducing the stigma of disability. Since 2017, the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) has partnered with Sunshine Butterflies to provide a space for families and individuals with disabilities to learn cooking skills and experience nutritious meals. “With HNF’s grant support, … Read More

HNF Now Accepting Nominations for the 2022 Humanitarian Awards

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Ver mensaje en español The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation is now accepting nominations for the 2022 HNF Humanitarian Awards through January 15. Since 2007, HNF has awarded global and regional humanitarian awards to Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributors who exemplify our foundation’s mission. Nominations are received from around the world and are evaluated based on the nominee’s … Read More

Start Your HNF Year-End Fundraiser Now!

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Ver mensaje en español Help bring healthy meals and proper nutrition to every corner of the world by starting your Herbalife Nutrition Foundation year-end fundraiser today. Starting November 30th – December 31st, HNF donors will have the chance to collect four digital, one-of-a-kind stamps and earn a HNF Global Passport when they begin fundraising. Each stamp unlocks a … Read More